COme and join us  at Our MOnthly gatherings !!!!

Scottish club of tulsa

January 13th 2018 @ 6pm 
Ahhh, January, the FIRST gathering of the new year, and a special one too.

 January is a special month for our clubs gathering.   WHY?

 Because it's the month when we have a BIG chili making competition .WOW!!

Come, and eat some chili with all of your friends, laugh have fun,  and help PICK a WINNER!!

 As we have fun that evening, we will also have the privilege of hearing  Stories told to us by a professional story teller, Mr. Connie Fisher .

February 2018

Bowling party ins February.
February because we'll be "gathering"  for BOWLING IN KILTS night.  Time / date to be announced .

March 10th 2018@6pm

Learn true history of ST. Pat's Day ( 3/17/2017 ) Corn-beef and cabbage for our meal.

Gathering of the Clans - Scotland Trip Announced!

Join us for our clan gathering where we will announce the details for our trip to Scotland! Have you been to Scotland? Bring a photo or two and a story to share. 

We have a lot going on at this gathering! We will celebrate St Patrick's Day with Corned Beef, Cabbage and Whisky Mustard Sauce! We'll end the evening learning and playing an old Irish game. 

Bring a potluck dish that corresponds with the first letter of your last name.

A-G - Side dish 
H-O - Salad/Appetizer
P-Z - Dessert

April 14th 2018 @6pm

May 12th 2018@ 6pm

June 9th 2018@ 6pm
Annual picnic for the whole family ... cookout burgers/ hotdogs , water balloons , volleyball , splash pad for the kiddos ,Live Celtic music , corn hole game etc. We will be announcing the nomination of the Vice President.

July  Date to be announced Annual Float trip for the whole family

August 11th 2018 @ 6pm 

PUB CRAWL for adults only


September 8th 2018 @ 6pm

Are you interested in Bag pipe, or Scottish drumming lessons?

 "Pipers"  Are you a "piper" without a home pipe band OR ---have you ever thought about wanting to learn to play the Great Highland bagpipes?

TheCity of Tulsa Pipes & Drums (COTPD)offer's private lessons to teach you to play the bagpipes and they would love to hear from you!!


Have you ever wanted to learn to play the Scottish snare drum, tenor drum or the bass drum? Have you been thinking about using your high school or college drumming skills again?

You could be having a great time, at any age, being a performing member of a pipe band!! The City ofTulsa Pipes and Drums (COTPD)offer's private lessons to teach you to play the snare, tenor or bass drum and they would love to hear from you.

 Please feel free to check out the City of Tulsa pipes and drums web site. The "COTPD" offer's lessons for piping, and drumming.

 COTPDalso has a scholarship program for those 16 and under!! For more info, about lessons, or the COTPD scholarship program please visit

The City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums  web site

 For contact please email: ScottishClubofTulsa@gmail.comType your paragraph here.