Our normal (monthly) meeting place is 

"The Saba Grotto"

5903 E. 9th street ~ Tulsa OK.

 Meeting (gathering) time is 6:00 PM. - 8:30 / 9:00 PM.

(See full listing of monthly  events on MONTHLY AGENDA page on this web site)

All Gatherings are family friendly, and start by us all having dinner together. Every month a GREAT dinner is prepared ON SITE, by TWO of our most esteemed members,

Pat Wilcox, and her husband David Wilcox. (thanks Pat, and David!!!)

Dinner is served Buffet style. 

2018 SCOT Dues

The Scottish Club of Tulsa’s membership dues have changed very little in sixty-two years. There is a certain amount of overhead for the day-to-day operation of the club such as, rent, special events, and community projects. Therefore, these dues are very important! They are a way for you to show your support and belief in the mission of the Scottish Club of Tulsa.

2018 Dues Options

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